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Joey Maltese Video of "The Spring Running". 

Short clip on YOUTUBE

The Spring Running


Rockin' Disease by TOYZ

Here is a Youtube link to "Rockin' Disease" from the album "U.S. Metal"


The band in 1980: Rob Lyndall: Guitar - Joey Maltese: Vocals, Bass - Pete Mellor: Drums

Photo - Lyn Lyndall 


Scroll down for two songs recorded live "off the board" and on to cassette tape. 

"Mystery Train" was written and recorded by American blues musician Junior Parker in 1953.

"Love Light Fail" © written by Joey Maltese.

Joey Maltese and Kitty Brazelton performing at CBGB's

Joey Maltese and Kitty Brazelton performing at CBGB's

CBGB's in the 80s

CBGB's in the 80s

It was great to play at CBGB's in the mid-80s. They had a decent sound system and we always had a good time at the gigs. Owner Hilly Kristal liked the band. He started us out on weeknights and then moved us up to the coveted headliner spots. Here are some of the old ads from that time. (It's kind of  interesting now to see a snapshot of the bands that were playing downtown NYC in those days. Our bands are ones circled in red.)


Scroll down to hear two songs or click on the BANDCAMP links to hear the albums - All BRAZELTON/SCARPERIA songs © written by Kitty Brazelton and Joey Scarperia

ALBUM: "Live at CBGBs": 

ALBUM: "NYC1985" Studio recordings: