Joey Maltese

Wild Animals Need Help


Animals and their habitats need your help.

Here are some organizations with claws and teeth: 

African Wildlife Foundation 

Natural Resources Defense Council – The Earth’s Best Defense | NRDC

Species List | Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Animals | WWF

WWF - Endangered Species Conservation | World Wildlife Fund




Ssalvage - ALBUM 

The 1993 recordings remastered 

Ssaucer | Ssalvage | CD Baby Music Store 

iTunes - Music - Ssalvage by Ssaucer Ssalvage: Ssaucer: MP3 Downloads Buying Choices: Ssalvage


Night Of The Muse - ALBUM

Night Of The Muse by Joey Maltese on iTunes

Joey Maltese | Night Of The Muse | CD Baby Music Store 

Outlaw Efforts - BOOK 

Outlaw Efforts (Volume 1): Natalie Jacobson, Joey Maltese: 9781490523675: Books 


Live at CBGBs - ALBUM


To listen FREE or to download the albums just click the BANDCAMP link below:





Ruby The Hatchet

Could this be the best psychedelic/stoner/metal/doom band?

(You Decide) BANDCAMP link: 




Great Quotes

"It loved to happen" - Marcus Aurelius


"I have seen hundred and a hundred rains. 

I have seen all that the jungle has done.

What is has been.

What will be is no more than a forgotten year striking backwards.

Be still while I count those my years."

- Kipling


Eli The Snazzleraffer - Children's Book 

A nice little children's story with a positive message for kids.


Illustrated by J. R. Maltese 

Soft cover - staple bound - 27 pages

(a little flimsy but nice) 

Recommended for ages 4 - 8 

Available on AMAZON

Eli The Snazzleraffer: JR Maltese, Robert Agnello, Amia Jones: 9780985348083: Books 

This was a group effort: 

Robert Agnello - Author 

J. R. Maltese - Black and white illustrations 

Amia Jones - Color for the cover 

Dr. Laura Martin - Editor 

Read it or color it with crayons! 


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